Best Vastu Consultant In Kolkata Presents A Comprehensive Guide to all the 16 directions in vastu!

While doing vastu of both residential and commercial properties, best vastu consultant in Kolkata refer to 16 directions. This very assumption takes many people by surprise who are familiar with only 8 or 10 directions. 

In order to educate people of this this simple aspect of vastu shastra, Vastuvid Pinaki Pal, founder of Vaastu Mangaal and one of the best best vastu consultants in Kolkata present this blog for you. In this blog, we will learn about all the 16 directions and their unique significance for the property and its occupants. 


As children, we were taught about the four cardinal (North, East, South, West) and four ordinal (Ishaan, Agni, Nairit, Vayu) directions, along with the concepts of upward and downward directions. However, the world of Vastu Shastra introduces us to a more intricate perspective, expanding the total count to 16 directions. 

Understanding the 16 Directions in Vastu:

Now that we have learn that there exist 16 zones in vastu, its time to explore the feature of them all. Best vastu consultants in Kolkata begins the list with East zone and then we will move clockwise. 

  1.   East – Social Connectivity:  

In Vastu, the east represents social connectivity. Defects in this zone hinder the establishment of good social relations. This zone needs to be used positively particularly by individuals in politics and the construction sector. 

For optimal results, place the bedroom, dining hall, and living room in this direction and avoid placing toilets or bathrooms.

  1.   East of South East (ESE) – Churning:  

The ESE zone, located between South East and West, signifies churning. It can lead to a repetitive cycle of thoughts and activities, making decision-making difficult if you spent too much time in here. It is suitable for a toilet, and septic tank. However, sleeping and studying in here is forbidden.

  1.   South East (SE) – Fire Element:  

Representing the fire element, the SE zone is linked to liquid cash in-flow. Defects in this area is considered major as it can impact financial stability and lead to minor accidents or surgeries. It is most ideal for kitchens, and least suitable for toilets and septic tanks.

  1.   South of South East (SSE) – Power and Confidence:  

The SSE zone, between South West and South, symbolizes power and confidence of its people. Sleeping here imparts these positive attributes to residents. Kitchen is here is also suitable, but avoid placing toilets, septic tanks, or washing machines.

  1.   South – Name and Fame:  

The south zone represents name and fame along with sleep and relaxation, says best vastu consultants in Kolkata. Placing a bedroom in the south is considered best for good sleep. It is beneficial for both servicepersons and business individuals. But students should not sleep here as it relaxes their mind too much. 

  1.   South of South West (SSW) – Disposal:  

The SSW zone, between South West and South, represents disposal. Placing a bedroom here can result in high expenditures, financial crises, poor health, and frequent arguments. It is suitable for toilets, and septic tanks though.

  1.   South West (SW) – Relationships and Ancestors:  

Representing relationships and pitra, the SW zone fosters good relations, stability, and blessings from forefathers. Sleeping in here is highly recommended. Avoid placing toilets in this zone, as it triggers major Vastu defects.

  1.   West of South West (WSW) – Education and Savings:  

The WSW zone, between West and South West, symbolizes education and savings. It is ideal for students and investors to study to sleep in. doing so can boost academic performance and their earning through investments. Defects in here can hamper both education and savings.

  1.   West – Profit and Gain:  

Representing profit and gain, the west zone is suitable for placing lockers and kitchen. Praying gurus in here is also a highly advised by best vastu consultants in Kolkata. Weakness or defects in this zone can make it difficult to achieve dreams.

  1.   West of North West (WNW) – Depression and Detoxifying:  

The WNW zone, between North West and West, signifies depression and detoxification. Sleeping here permanently can lead to thyroid issues and chronic depression. But sleeping for short period can actually aid in dealing with depression. It is suitable for toilets, septic tanks, and washing machines.

  1.   North West (NW) – Support and Banking:  

The NW zone represents support and banking. Guest room vastu flourishes in here the most as they feel fully satisfied by the hospitality you provide. This area is best for a store room as you can keep any kind of items stored in here.

  1.   North of North West (NNW) – Sex and Attraction:  

The NNW zone, between North and North West, represents sex and attraction. It is most suited for married couples to sleep. Eligible bachelors can sleep here as well. But it should be avoided by students and children.

  1.   North – Opportunity:  

The north zone has its deity as Lord Kuber which brings wealth and opportunities to its residents. Placing a bedroom here is beneficial, especially for those preparing for competitive exams. Toilet and septic tank should not be placed here. 

  1.   North of North East (NNE) – Health:  

The NNE zone, between North and North East, represents health and immunity. Defects in this area or prolonged sleeping can lead to poor health in the family. But it is beneficial for sleeping for short periods as it aids in speedy recovery. 

  1.   North East (NE) – Divinity:  

Representing divinity, the NE zone is where Lord Shiva rests. This is why it is also known as the Ishan zone. Cosmic energy enters from this zone which makes it most ideal for a puja room. Defects here cause major defect as it can trigger incurable diseases and lack of clarity of mind.

  1.   East of North East (ENE) – Fun and Recreation:  

The ENE zone, between North East and East, signifies fun and recreation. Defects here deprive families of enjoyment and relaxation. Ideal for living and dining spaces to promote family binding. Best vastu consultants in Kolkata also recommends it as a bedroom for newlywed couples.


Understanding the significance of each direction in Vastu is crucial to design the perfect floor plan for your property. Only by using each direction in its specific way you can create a harmonious living or working space. 

These guidelines are crucial for aligning ourselves with the positive energies around us, while carefully safeguarding against the negative energy. 

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